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Gita 4.36

अपि, चेत्, असि, पापेभ्यः, सर्वेभ्यः, पापकृत्तमः,
सर्वम्, ज्ञानप्लवेन, एव, वृजिनम्, सन्तरिष्यसि।।36।।

Gita 4.36

Api, chet’, asi, paapebhyaH, sarvebhyaH, paapkrttmH,
Sarvam’, gyaanplven, ev, vrjinam’, santrishyasi ||36||

Translation: (Chet’) if you, other (sarvebhyaH) all (paapebhyaH) sinners (api) also (paapkrttmH) most sinful (asi) are; then also you (gyaanplven) on the basis of Tatvgyan, by the boat of real naam (sarvam’) after knowing everything (vrjinam’) crossing ignorance (ev) undoubtedly (santrishyasi) will completely get through i.e. on becoming sin-free will become completely liberated. (36)

Gita 4.36: Even if you are the most sinful of all other sinners, then also on knowing everything on the basis of Tatvgyan crossing ignorance by the boat of real naam, you will undoubtedly completely get through i.e. after becoming sin-free you will become fully liberated.

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