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Gita 17.10

यातयामम्, गतरसम्, पूति, पर्युषितम्, च, यत्,
उच्छिष्टम्, अपि, च अमेध्यम्, भोजनम्, तामसप्रियम्।।10।।

Gita 17.10

Yaatyaamm’, gatarsam’, pooti, paryushitam’, ch, yat’,
Uchchhishtam’, api, ch, amedhyam’, bhojnm’, taamaspriyam’ ||10||

Translation: (Yat’) which (bhojnm’) food (yaatyaamm’) half-cooked (gatarsam’) tasteless (pooti) foul-smelling (paryushitam’) stale (ch) and (uchchhishtam’) is leftover / rejected (ch) and (amedhyam’) impure (api) is also, that food (taamaspriyam’) is dear to Tamas men. (10)

Translation: The food which is half-cooked, tasteless, foul-smelling, stale and is leftover and which is also impure is dear to the Tamas man. The revered deity of those who are dominated by Tamogun is Shiv, and they worship ghosts and spirits who are of a lower level. They like the above-mentioned food.

{In this Verse 11 — After obtaining jaap of three mantras (in which one is Om’ naam and Tat’ - Sat’ are coded) from a Complete Saint according to the scriptures, one should perform five yagyas, that too without any desire for the result, otherwise, the result of a yagya done for fulfilment of a desire is not complete.}

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